Nopalea Juice – The Natural Remedy for Fibromyalgia

Published: 18th July 2011
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This is a fact – Nopalea Juice is the natural remedy for fibromyalgia. This fact stems from a multitude of testimonials and positive reviews that you can check online. The question is – What is Nopalea Juice and how is it a natural remedy for fibromyalgia? Read on to learn about what Nopalea Juice is all about. Also tackled below is the dreaded chronic disorder known as fibromyalgia.

Nopalea Juice

Nopalea Juice is a mixture of Nopales or Nopal cactus and other all natural ingredients including the naturally sweet Agave nectar. Nopal cacti are found in the Sonoran Desert located at the Northern part of the United States bordering the state of Sonora in Mexico. This special plant has been used for centuries by Sonoran natives because of its powerful healing attributes. It is also part of the Mexican cuisine and primarily sold fresh in Mexico. The healing powers of the Nopal cactus stems from the anti oxidant Betalain found on these plants. Betalains are known for their healing characteristic that includes reducing inflammation, protection from diseases and detoxification of the body. A unique technique is used to harvest the needed part in Nopal cactus. From there the fruit is juiced and processed in a state of the art facility own by TriVita (the maker of Nopalea). The juiced fruit is then bottled using aseptic, sterile bottling techniques to preserve the purity and freshness of the fruit.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that is characterized by widespread muscle pain and fatigue. Cause is medically unknown and no specific treatment is used to cure this problem. Symptoms include depression, dizziness, muscle twitching, anxiety, skin problems, joint disorder, chronic headaches, nausea, memory loss and urinary problems among others. Fibromyalgia is common in at least two percent of the total population in the United States. Women are more prone than men especially as they age. Fibromyalgia generally doesn’t lead to a more serious disease but it can hamper your everyday activity as the chronic pain can result to depression and lack of sleep. This however can be prevented via a natural way.

Natural Remedy for Fibromyalgia

By defining what the Nopalea can do and what Fibromyalgia is, one can surmised that Nopalea is the natural remedy for fibromyalgia. The all natural ingredients used in making the Sonoran Bloom wellness drink can help prevent this chronic disorder.

Aside from preventing fibromyalgia, the anti oxidant rich Nopalea drink has other health benefits including but not limited to:

1. Prevention of premature aging

2. Normalization of blood pressure

3. Improvement in breathing

4. Support of cardiovascular health

5. Increase of energy

6. Protection against fluid retention

7. Neutralization of free radicals

Three to six ounces of Nopalea Juice daily for the first 30 days is recommended. For maintenance, 1 to 3 ounces a day will suffice. To know more about this powerful drink, visit and you will find a wealth of knowledge on this powerful drink.

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